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Building environmentally friendly houses is possible

Building environmentally friendly houses, energy-efficient or earthquake-proof buildings with all-natural materials that guarantee high performance and stability while prioritising safety is possible.

SACE Insulation / SACE biobuilding specialises in green building using natural, recyclable materials from renewable sources. These materials, such as cork and natural lime, are functional and harmless for the construction workers and the building’s residents.

Besides being ductile and recyclable, cork is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation:

The Cork

Ductile, recyclable, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation that can be used for thermal coats and plasters;

The natural



A fantastic natural binder, which in cohesion with cork grains or silicate powder generates mortars or finishes free of carcinogenic agents;

Moreover, we provide a range of innovative products for recovering and securing existing buildings, optimising resources.

We’re talking about anti-seismic supports, anti-slip floors for gyms and swimming pools, and decorative plasters that are easy to apply to surfaces needing a quick makeover.

Sace BioBuilding

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