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Generating innovation,

from what nature

has to offer

It all began in


with the visionary idea to aggregate a processing scrap like cork grain and sell it in blocks to make footwear soles and wedges.

Cork is a natural material originating from Quercus Suber (cork oak), native to southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa.

Cork oak has an inestimable value as it protects the soil from erosion, storing large amounts of carbon dioxide. Its bark regenerates after every extraction, giving life to new material.

And it’s here that its history intertwines with ours.

Cork is

light, insulating, breathable, fireproof, thermal, deformable, flexible, adaptable, versatile, durable, unalterable, reducible, waterproof, hypoallergenic, mouldable, soft, shockproof, and non-toxic.

Cork has inspired our corporate philosophy. We started with cork but continued studying other natural materials that could add value to a new way of living and manufacturing, respecting the environment and protecting people’s wellbeing.

Continuous study of innovative components and technologies gave rise to:

Business Unit