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With MarineCork & Amorim, the Milan Design Week walks on water;

In the Azimut Yachts installation, cork creations by Sace Components speak of sustainability;

At the last Milan Design Week in April 2023, on stage until 23 April, Azimut Yachts' floating installation 'The Sea Deck' was made with cork from recycled corks by Amorim Cork Italia of through an ethical project with the collaboration of 45 non-profit organisations;

The corks collected by the non-profit organisations made it possible to produce 100 per cent cork granules, destined to become the floating promenade The work, created in collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi, is designed to provide visitors with a unique experience of the sea, as well as to illustrate the protagonists' commitment to protecting the marine environment;

Complementing the floating, hexagonal-shaped dock was the creativity of Sace Components, which, with MarineCork cork cladding, developed the surfaces of the balconies, arranged on 5 of the 6 ends of the structure; The product, a flagship of the nautical division of Sace Components, is natural, non-slip, fire retardant, obtained from a regenerable source and of course 100% recyclable;

This collaboration was just a small pop up of the larger solid partnership that Sace Components is establishing with Azimut Yachts, the world's largest privately-owned corporate group for the marine industry;

MarineCork, has been chosen by the designers of Azimut Yachts for several models of hulls and boats produced by the Italian multinational company, for efficiency, quality, healthiness and sustainability;

Sace Components is proud to have collaborated and supported this all-round sustainability project with the use of MarineCork;

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